Inclusion Recovery Aldershot

Aldershot Sample Jul 16Hello, and welcome to Inclusion Recovery Aldershot, an integrated, recovery-focussed service for those who are using or have been effected by drugs or alcohol use. We believe that working together we can help you achieve goals that are important to you.

We do this by using person-centred, evidence based interventions that we know work from both research and experience. If you think you’re drinking a little too much, or have started to think that alcohol is having a negative impact on your life, then we can help!  If you are using any type of drug, from cannabis, heroin, cocaine, NPS (legal-high’s) to steroid and other performance and image enhancing drugs and any others then we can help!

The Inclusion Recovery Aldershot Hub covers the Aldershot, Farnborough and North Camp, Fleet and Yateley area.

We have a mutli-disciplinary team. This means our recovery team is made up of Recovery workers, nurses, volunteers, per mentor’s, GP’s, and Administrators. Our team is committed to helping you, supporting you and empowering you to fulfil your potential.

The Inclusion Recovery Aldershot Hub offers;
  • Structured groups,
  • A variety of peer-led groups
  • One-to-one appointments
  • Needle exchange
  • Blood Borne Virus advice, information and immunisations
  • Veterans’ Outreach is held on the last Tuesday of each month
  • Carers’ Group is held on the third Wednesday evening of each month
  • There is a peer-led support group on a Tuesday evening
  • Evening appointments are also available
  • Our weekend serviceincludes a peer-led support group, assessments and one-to-one appointments

We know that we are able to help you, we have experienced and committed staff to fully support you along your own individual recovery journey, take that step and either give us a call, or drop by and see for yourself!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

To download a sample timetable from Inclusion Recovery Aldershot click here

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