Inclusion Recovery Fareham

Hello, and welcome to Inclusion Recovery Fareham!

Inclusion Recovery Fareham is situated at Fareham Health Centre and provides recovery services for individuals who are requesting support, additional information and treatment and referral for Alcohol or other Substances that are affecting their lives. Fareham is currently supporting the Gosport area as well – until March 2016 when plans of a new service in Gosport will be well under way for Inclusion Recovery Gosport’s own hub!

Fareham and Gosport currently support 390 service users with drug and alcohol issues whose aim is to be substance free and move into recovery.

The area that is covered consists of Gosport in the south to Bishop Waltham to the north and as far as Warsash to the west to Paulsgrove in the east. We are are able to provide recovery clinics around these areas to meet population needs, including Rower Community Centre, Highlands Hub, Gosport War Memorial Hospital as well as home visits.

We are an integrated drug and alcohol service for anyone 18 and over who may be experiencing difficulties with alcohol or drugs or just wants a little advice.  We are a dedicated team who come from a range of experiences and backgrounds and want to help support you along your recovery journey.   Our team is made up of recovery workers, nurse’s, GP’s, volunteers, peer-mentors, counsellors and administrators.

Fareham Hub provides assessment and recovery planning for individuals alongside support into voluntary programmes and employment skill training.

The hub offer Opiate substitute Prescribing alongside group programme support to aid recovery.

Some of the group support on offer includes Art groups,Breakfast clubs in Gosport, Gym sessions.

Why not come and find out more on Mondays 2-4 Fareham, Tuesdays 2-4 Rowner Community Centre, Wednesday 2-4 at Highlands Hub, Fareham Health Centre 10-12, Friday 2-4 Fareham Health Centre.

We have a range of groups available here at Fareham – something to suit everyone, here is a little more detail about the groups we offer;

RAW (Recovery Around Women)

RAW is a ladies only group which is held weekly. It is run by ARC (Active Recovery Community) and supports women with substance misuse, domestic violence and day to day life.

ART Group

This weekly group is ran by ARC (Active Recovery Community) and is open to anyone with substance misuse and who wishes to get in touch with their creative side. They get involved in activities such as jewellery making, drawing, creative writing and designing posters.

Breakfast Group

This group is held in a local café and is open to all service users. It is an informal drop-in support group where you can come for a chat over a hot drink, and have a chance to get updates on the service.

Community Group

This is held monthly with Service Users and local agencies from the area, including Drug Alcohol Treatment Team (DAAT) TWO Saints (housing), Integrated Offender Management Team (IOM), and Active Recovery Community (ARC). All agencies provide updated information about services and up and coming events. Service Users have the opportunity to ask questions, inform agencies of what they would like to see and give feedback of services.

Dual Diagnosis Group

This weekly group looks at providing support for individuals with both Mental Health and Substance Misuse. It aims to give them the opportunity to gain further awareness and insight into how their substance misuse and Mental Health might influence each other and looks at teaching ways to better manage this.


Workshops are run on a weekly basis and focus on specific substances such as Heroin and Alcohol. This is the first step in the Inclusion Recovery Programme.

IRP Level 2 Groups

This weekly ran group is the second step in the Inclusion Recovery Programme. It starts to look at change and how you are going to make those changes, managing high risk situations and challenging unhelpful ways of thinking.

IRP Core Groups

The Core group is the final stage of the Inclusion Recovery Programme. It is for those that are stable in their recovery and used to group work. It starts to look at building/mending relationships and introducing other activities into your life such work, education and fun things!

Cafe Imbizo

This is the location of Open Mic night which is held on the second Thursday of every month in Fareham. This is friendly and relaxed alcohol and drug free event that welcomes service users and their families, as well as members of the public to come along and enjoy an evening of socialising and fun. Those who are brave enough can entertain with their singing, instrument playing, poetry or any other talent they may wish to show off.

Opening Times for Fareham are;

MONDAY 9-5pm
FRIDAY 9-5pm
SUNDAY 10-4pm

To download a sample timetable for Fareham click here

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